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Is the Sugar In Fruit Just as Bad as Regular Sugar?

Fruits are called nature’s candy for a reason: They are our largest source of sugar in minimally processed whole foods.

Pat Crawley Pat Crawley

Need to Amp Up Your Abs Routine? Try Flutter Kicks

If you’re bored with crunches and have already experimented with every imaginable plank variation, try switching up your ab exercises with flutter kicks, also

Pat Crawley Pat Crawley

8 Foods to Help Boost Your Mood

Have you ever thought about what food can do for your mood? Beyond how they taste, some “mood foods” can

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Want to Improve Cardio and Strength? The Answer Is Power Yoga

Love the mindful benefits of yoga but crave a more intense workout? Power yoga delivers both in a single practice.

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How to Keep Morning Workouts From Wiping You Out for the Whole Day

Working out in the morning has a number of benefits — like jumpstarting your metabolism, increasing your focus, and helping you

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8 Side Delt Exercises to Shape Your Shoulders

If you want improve the look of your upper body in a hurry, there are probably no movements more important

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Turn Your Speakers Up for “Feel Good Summer” [Video]

Brought to you by BODi by Beachbody, “Feel Good Summer” is here to help the BODi community share the feel-good

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